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Weaponized Narratives Go to War


"In recent years, American national security agencies and commentators have begun using a new buzz term: narrative warfare. China is particularly adept at employing narrative warfare."

Why is this important?

"There is an old proverb that says the truth is the best advertising, propaganda and public relations tool. Fact-supported truth is a powerful narrative. Unfortunately, the truth can be hidden, ignored, obscured or -- in the 21st century -- inundated. Narrative warfare embraces more than PR and propaganda campaigns. Narrative warfare employs "weaponized narratives" spun from "highly selective truth," outright lies, false accusations, distorted and altered quotations, emotional appeals, sensational outrage, fear mongering, blame-shifting, intimidating threats, victim posturing, virtue signaling and fabricated imagery."


Austin Bay

Publication Date

April 5, 2018