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Mapping Wikipedia

An unprecedented data set shows where the encyclopedia’s editors are, where they aren’t, and why.


"If Wikipedia is a place where people come to negotiate a shared understanding of the truth, these patterns of editing activity suggest that it might work in part because people come from regions of differing political beliefs, especially including the bellwether swing states, and that trustworthiness is established through the interaction of contributors across the political spectrum."

Why is this important?

"In a time of extreme political polarization, algorithmically enforced filter bubbles, and fact patterns dismissed as fake news, Wikipedia has become one of the few places where we can meet to write a shared reality. We treat it like a utility, and the U.S. and U.K. trust it about as much as the news."


Michael Mandiberg
Image Credit: DarkWorkX (Pixabay License)

Publication Date

February 23, 2020