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The Kremlin creeps into Germany


"The German party Alternative for Germany, or AfD, is anti-immigration, anti-Europe-bailout and very anti-Angela Merkel, the chancellor who was just reelected to a fourth term. Founded only four years ago in protest of European bailouts for Greece and riding the backlash to refugees flooding Germany, the AfD reaped 12.6 percent of the vote Sunday and won a place for the first time in the Bundestag. The party was buoyed by social-media campaigns of the kind Russia has used elsewhere — faceless bots that multiply messages over and over."

Why is this important?

"Once again, the Kremlin’s quest to disrupt democracy, divide the West and erode the rules-based liberal international order may have found a toehold."


Editorial Board of the Washington Post

Publication Date

September 25, 2017